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About links

[February 21, 2020]

About links (link policy)

Link to Sakura City homepage

  • As a general rule, in Sakura City homepage (, link is free.
    In addition, I may decline link in case such as Sakura City having disadvantage by being linked.
  • Each file and contents such as document or image in Sakura City homepage and URL change without notice or they may be deleted.
  • When you publish link, please specify that it is link to homepage of Sakura City.
    As a general rule, link banner of Sakura City homepage, please use the following images.
190 X 70px (there is background)

Sakura City homepage banner 190 X 70px (there is background)

190 X 70px (background white)

Sakura City homepage banner 190 X 70px (background white)

190 X 70px (background transparence)

Sakura City homepage banner 190 X 70px (background transparence)

234 X 60px (background white)

Sakura City homepage banner 234 X 60px (background white)

Links from Sakura City homepage to outside homepage

  • When we link to homepage that other than Sakura City manages in contents of Sakura City homepage, we do not have complete responsibility in Sakura City about linked information contents.
  • Information and opinion, claim listed in link are not things of Sakura City.
    In addition, setting of link is not that Sakura City recommends the homepage.
  • Even if it is homepage that already linked, we may take off link depending on contents.
  • About "collection of homepages of Sakura citizen", please see the next guidelines.

Collection of homepages handling guidelines on Sakura citizen


 We establish "collection of homepages of Sakura citizen" in Sakura City homepage to support disseminating information on the Internet of Sakura citizen and introduce homepage that citizen made.
 In addition, with citizen in these guidelines, main place of residence or activity place points at person in Sakura City now.

Introduction method of homepage that citizen made

 We perform introduction of homepage of individual whom Sakura citizen made or group by publishing the next matter.
  • Title of homepage and genre, introduction sentence within 50 characters
    In addition, we decide to link to URL of the page in title of homepage.

Homepage that we can publish

 We publish homepage meeting condition to advocate next.
  1. Sakura citizen made, and thing that the site webmaster is clear
  2. Connection confirmation is possible
  3. Main purpose is not business, profit
  4. We do not damage honor including slander, slander of individual and group
  5. Public order and morals or laws and ordinances do not have violation or threat to violate
  6. Element of politics, religious activity is not included
  7. In the Public Officers Election Act of conflict or threat to conflict with there is not
  8. It is judged that there is no problem in other publications


 About contents of connected homepage, Sakura City does not take any responsibility.
 In addition, Sakura City is not to recommend the homepage.

Publication procedure

 Person that publication is hoped for after having had you agree to these guidelines, please go through the procedure as follows.
  1. You specify the following necessary item, and, to Sakura City public relations section inquiry form, apply.

    [necessary item]
     (1)Site webmaster name
     (2)Contact information e-mail address
     (3)Homepage URL
     (4)Homepage title (full size less than 40 characters)
     (5)Introduction sentence (full size less than 80 characters)

    ※When mention contents of necessary item have deficient or false report, we link and cannot publish.

     Furthermore, please choose one from genre (introduction of Sakura, hobby, self-introduction, sports, art, music, history, tradition, child care,], NPO, others including group [circle club) in hope of main contents of homepage.
     ※We cannot register plural number of genre.
     ※Homepage person in charge judges when genre is no entry.
  2. We confirm connection.
  3. We confirm contents of homepage.
  4. When we meet condition, and there is no problem after the confirmation, I will inform applicant (site webmaster) by email after publication and the link setting.
    In addition, I will inform by email when publication is impossible.

Changes such as link and publication matter, contact information

 When there is change in linked URL and publication matter, contact information about homepage of Sakura citizen introduced to on Sakura City homepage, we shall assume an obligation that head of setting of the homepage reports by E-mail to Sakura City homepage charge immediately.
 When we do not get contact with manager for setting, on broken link, we remove link.

Cancellation of link

 When Sakura City judges when we do not meet condition of the homepage that we can introduce mentioned above, even after link, we cancel link.

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