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About this site

[September 12, 2018]

About this site (Sakura City site policy)

Consideration to accessibility

With or without age and obstacle, we aim at what anyone does in site that is easy to access necessary information so that many people can use information placing in Sakura City official homepage (called "this site" as follows.) fairly.
Points keeping in mind include the following things.

・For one using sound browser, we assume design in consideration for the order of reading. In addition, we add text information (alt attribute) that expressed the contents to images and cope with reading.

・In consideration for readability, we give contrast that is enough for letter color and background color. In addition, we set to change size of letter by browser.


Information such as document, photograph, illustration which this site provides is similar to notification, official order, notification these other, and, except (and we include those translated versions and compilation), we are protected by copyright which Sakura City and third party hold. It is forbidden reproduction, quotation, to reproduce without permission unless it is detected in case and Copyright Act to use for the purpose of being personal.
But we shall have priority over this handling when individual information has fate separately.



About accuracy of information of this site, we go down with extreme caution, but do not do any guarantee. For the damage that covered than reader using our site and placed information, we do not take responsibility.
In addition, About links to other sites does not guarantee contents of linked page. Similarly, about contents of other sites linking for this site, we do not take responsibility either.

The change of Sakura City homepage

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