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About this site

[February 21, 2020]

About this site (Sakura City site policy)

Consideration to accessibility

With or without age and obstacle, we aim at what anyone does in site that is easy to access necessary information so that many people can use information placing in Sakura City official homepage (called "this site" as follows.) fairly.
Points keeping in mind include the following things.

・For person using sound browser, we assume design in consideration for the order of reading. In addition, we add text information (alt attribute) that expressed the contents to images and cope with reading.

・In consideration for readability, we give contrast that is enough for letter color and background color. In addition, we set to change size of letter by browser.


Information such as document, photograph, illustration which this site provides is similar to notification, official order, notification these other, and, except (and we include those translated versions and compilation), it is protected by copyright which Sakura City and third party hold. It is forbidden without permission reproduction, quotation, that we reproduce unless it is recognized in case and Copyright Act to use for the purpose of being personal.
But we shall have priority over this handling when individual information has fate separately.



About accuracy of information of this site, we go down with extreme caution, but do not give any guarantee. For the damage that covered than reader using our site and placed information, we do not take responsibility.
In addition, About links to other sites does not guarantee contents of linked page. Similarly, about contents of other sites linking for this site, we do not take responsibility either.

Notice matter

Even if some Social Networking Service (SNS) does not push "the button" concerned when "button" of SNS concerned reads established website, information of user ID, site accessing is automatic, and they may be sent to SNS from the website concerned.
For more details, please see "notice matter to users of SNS" (personal information protection Committee homepage (Opens in a separate window).
In addition, please confirm privacy policies of services such as other social media using in our site in sites of each company.
・We refer to privacy policy (Facebook company homepage) by Facebook company for share button (social plug in on Facebook) on Facebook (we open with the other window).
・We refer to privacy policy (Twitter company homepage) by Twitter company for tweet button (Twitter button) of Twitter (we open with the other window).

We use Google Analytics to grasp the use situation in this site. Google Analytics collects information of user using Cookie. City receives the analysis (Google Analytic reports about user attribute and interest category) from Google Corporation and grasps the visit situation of our site of user. For more details, look at site of "Google analytics Terms of Use" (Google Analytics (you link to the outside site).

When we read Web site that does not support coding communication (say SSL communication as follows) by SSL by security alert standard of browser "Chrome" (Google Corporation offer) having become higher after October, 2018, warning "that is not protected" comes to be displayed by address bar.

 We cope with SSL communication, but, in city, Web site system which users such as "inquiry form" input own information into "Public opinions (opinions to municipal administration)" "facilities reservation" does not cope with SSL communication at present about normal Web page (page where is lower than

 In the case of renewal of city formula Web site of conduct target, we are going to cope with SSL communication about normal page in 2022.

 I apologize to users that this site is read in "Chrome" during then for the inconvenience, but I would like understanding and cooperation.

(reference) Google Corporation formula blog (we open with the other window)

The change of Sakura City homepage

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