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Session: From Saturday, January 20, 2018 to Sunday, February 18

Opening time: From 10:00 to 18:00 (as for the admission until 17:30)
Closed day: Monday (opened on February 12), Tuesday, February 13
Viewing charges: Free of charge lower than general 600(480) Japanese yen / university student, high school student 400(320) Japanese yen / junior high student
※(in) as for advance sale and more than 20 groups rate [advance ticket in Sakura citizen music hall, (public corporation) Sakura City Tourism Association, sightseeing in JR Sakura station square information center, Tokiwa bookshop Shizu station building shop until Friday, January 19 release]
※We distribute viewing passport with free ticket of one companion to primary schoolchildren in Sakura City residence through school
※Bringing and person of assistance one are free with disability certificate.

 Drawstring purse and cigarette which paid for money could enter, and the Edo era, people who wore kimono routinely caught familiar pillboxes in obi in Komon Mito and hung on waist. Clasp attached to edge of string of those "hisagebutsu" (lower thing) is netsuke. Through the Edo era, having roots developed into superior artistry and industrial art object full of senses of fun as one of the compositions of hisagebutsu and was full of the prosperity. Custom with article is in foreign countries to waists, but there is not example which developed as industrial art object for appreciation elsewhere, and, as Japanese having roots, it is thought with Japan's original culture.
 When the Meiji era begins, having roots is forgotten rapidly in Japan, but we win popularity in Europe and America, and European and American, there are a lot of Art Gallery and Museum collecting such as the British Museum now afterwards. As for reevaluation being accomplished because the good point is found abroad in this way, route that ukiyoe print followed seems to be near.
 By book exhibition, we released collection of precious netsuke that His Imperial Highness Norihito Takamadonomiya was collected with Her Imperial Highness in cathedral. Did not so have that was looked back until now; "introduce various charm of having roots.

East voice << major king life >> 2000, ivory, 4.3㎝

Hiroyuki Harigai << koredemoka >> 1999, lacquer work, box tree, 4.4㎝

Bearing no signature << football >> 19th century, ivory, 3.8㎝

Takagi joy peak << firebird >> 1995, amber, money, 3.7㎝
reimokugyokunobori << playing go >> about 1976, ivory, 3.1㎝
Isoji Ando << cherry blossom >> 1992, ivory, gold lacquerwork, 4.1㎝

Michael Birch << entrust!>> 1999, mammoth tusk, 4.6㎝

[allied enterprise]
 ■Commemorative lecture "microcosm of palm" (was finished)
Lecturer: His Imperial Highness Prince Takamado princess Hisako (plan)
We plan approximately one hour from 15:00 on Saturday, January 20, 2018 (as for the opening from 14:00)
Venue: Sakura citizen music hall ("station where Keisei is thin" south exit drop off walk five minutes)
Free / application required: Please let know address, full name, phone number of all the members (we can apply to two people other than applicant) by postcard, telephone, FAX.
〒To person in charge of 285-0837 1-16, Ojidai, Sakura-shi, Chiba Sakura citizen music hall lecture
Telephone: 043-461-6221
FAX: 043-461-1311
Capacity: 650 (in the case of a lot of applicants, we draw lots)
The deadline: December 27 (effective postmark on that day)
※In the case of a lot of applicants, we reply after lottery by January 10.
※Please refer to Sakura City Museum of Art for contents of lecture.
 ■Gallery talk (finished)
Saturday, February 10, 2018
Exhibition room than 14:00 on the second floor
Free / application is not necessary
※Admission ticket is necessary for participation.

[event during session]
 ■Interactive appreciation society "mite Hana so chi" by volunteer (every month fourth Sunday) (was finished)
It is 00 ... - /14 at 11:00 on Sunday, January 28, 2018
Application-free free of charge
※Admission ticket is necessary for participation.
 ■Museum concert (every month third Sunday) by association of Sakura comfort friend
Sunday, January 21, 2018 /2 18 days a month Sunday 14:00 ...
The first floor of Sakura City Museum of Art lobby
Application-free free of charge
※January 20, 2017 (Heisei 30) update 

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