Sakura City Museum of Art

Sakura City Museum of Art

As new coronavirus infectious disease measures, we were closed for from March 5 to June 1, but push forward resumption progressively.

We restart holding of store exhibition and shop, business of cafe from Tuesday, June 2 (only in the 1.2 floor)

The citizen gallery restart application acceptance including re-offer of canceled schedule

From Saturday, August 1 holding (is opened to 1th-3th floors) of the "world of Taisho imajurii" exhibition

※But museum concert that planned resumption from August, mite Hana so chi were called off. We are going to reopen after September

※Making a reservation in case of visit, viewing is not necessary

In visit, please look after the following instructions asking for in public facilities in Sakura City

 * User carries out hand-washing, and please perform finger sterilization with antiseptic solution setting up in facilities.

 * When you have a cold symptoms such as fever in user, please refrain from the use of facilities.

 * All the users, please wear mask.

 * Users, please take appropriate distance (about 2 meters).

 * There are entrance restrictions in some cases.

 * Please perform ventilation in facilities appropriately. (we perform air conditioning which took in fresh air in this hotel exhibition room)

 * Please do not do utterance, song, encouragement in loud voice or conversation that came close on using.

※When the instructions mentioned above are not followed, we may have you cancel the use of facilities.

※Please cooperate with making of "facilities user list" by any chance to contribute to chase of close contact when infected person was confirmed from user.

※Stay in this hotel is in less than two hours, please.


The world of Taisho imajurii

Exhibition held

Is mysterious fleetingly, and is beautiful; the world of - Taisho imajurii

  • Venue
    Sakura City Museum of Art 2.3 floor exhibition room
  • Viewing charges
    The public: 800 yen university, high school student: Primary schoolchild in 600 yen: 400 yen non-school children: Under the free advance ticket release
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Citizen gallery schedule (change from this hotel issuance exhibition guidance)  Citizen gallery schedule (hall for rent)


Learn, experience

mite Hana so
mite Hana so chi stops
Interactive appreciation society by volunteer
Let's talk on seeing work together!
The every month fourth entrance hall meeting on Sunday the first-floor at 11:00 for - around one hour
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mite Hana so
We perform interactive appreciation of school, group in exhibition room.
Museum concert
Museum concert stops
Third Sunday 2:00 p.m. ... the first floor lobby free of charge, application is not necessary every month
Cooperation: Association of Sakura comfort friend
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Hall for rent

  • List of store works
  • Buona Giornata
  • Old; write; do not bloom; it is impossible
  • About acceptance of museum training
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