Town, Sakura which let ... thought to live on Sakura for bloom. ...

Sakura City domiciliation promotion project

Inquiry about domiciliation

To live on Concept Sakura?

Is train to the downtown area; of approximately one hour is project that total of floor space of house recommends domiciliation to Sakura City that there are many inhabitants living a carefree life in the prefecture second place (※) and wide house to in densely populated district while being within commuting distance.
(※) Than 2010 national census


A lot of charm including good nature that Sakura City is rich and access from the downtown area.
To family who moves to the city, and lives, we are actually introduced to the charm.

Living ... of Story of SAKURA Life - Sakura

Single house life in natural rich environment. Good access one-hour to the downtown area by train.
Land which local production for local consumption came true, and was suitable for agriculture. It is child care for sports with the whole friendly feeling, area.
Three sets of families who come across Sakura, and live in Sakura. With each "we let you bloom thought."

  • Thought to vol.1 Oyama's Family nature
  • Thought to vol.2 Tanjo's Family agriculture
  • Thought to vol.3 Oguchi's Family child care