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Castle town, Sakura and Inba marsh ride which go in special plan - special train B.B.BASE Sakura of the first anniversary of ... B.B.BASE

[January 10, 2019]

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                                                                                               In commemoration of the service first anniversary of cycle train "B.B.BASE" where we could take, service of special train for two days-limited Sakura was decided without folding bicycle which JR Chiba branch office operated.
  In addition, with service of special train, JR byu trip product is released from Thursday, November 8.                                               How about going round tourist attractions of original scenery, Sakura of "the neighbor" of the downtown area by cycling?

Product summary

 There is natural rich Inba marsh in neighborhood while leaving cityscape that Sakura City feels flavor of castle town of the Edo era, and cycling road is maintained. Please enjoy cycling slowly while looking at scenery that is full of taste from cycling road which can run relaxedly to slope with response only in castle town. In addition, team shows around course with guide in the city for cycle of specialty store "Taki cycle" for famous sports cycle.

1. Schedule
  Saturday, January 26, 2019, 27th Sunday
  ※Outward trip: JR Ryogoku Station (at 9:12) ⇒ B.B.BASE Sakura ⇒ JR Sakura Station (arrival at 10:13)
  ※Return journey: JR Sakura Station (at 16:33) ⇒ B.B.BASE Sakura ⇒ JR Ryogoku Station (arrival at 17:23)

2. Sales price
  (1) Tour with guide: 30 adult 6,000 yen (child 5,400 yen) / capacity
  (2) Free plan: 69 adult 4,000 yen (child 3,400 yen) / capacity
    ※(*2 piece of 500 yen) is belonging to for kitchen car lunch ticket 1,000 yen which is available in Sakura oldness and open space. (common throughout each ※ course)

3. Course
  (1) Course with guide
    JR Sakura Station (at about 10:30) ⇒ Samurai Houses ⇒ prefectural Sakura high school (Nabesaka) ⇒ Keisei-Sakura Station ⇒ Iwana motion Parks ⇒ Sakura grass bueno hill
    ⇒Lake Inba sunset Hills ⇒ Sakura oldness and Lake open space (lunch) ⇒ Inba tour (Lake Inba cycling road)
    ⇒Sakura oldness and open space ⇒ Kunitachi history folk museum ⇒ Sakura Castle ruins Parks ⇒ JR Sakura Station (arrival at about 16:00)
  (2) Free course
    Whole day free action (we gather at JR Sakura Station respectively by 16:00)

4. Others
  In Sakura oldness and open space, we hold event for cyclists

Method for purchase


  Train with B.B.BASE for cyclists of JR East. They can just put on rack for cycle in the car without dismantling bicycle, and even binding shoes are trains for cyclist including grippy rubber floor. We go to inner bunch in Chiba, outside bunch, Sahara, Choshi from Ryogoku Station.

  As it enforces rental of sports motorcycle at Ryogoku Station, we can get on B.B.BASE even if we do not have bicycle! We perform lineup of road motorcycle, various sports motorcycles including cross bike. By careful explanation of the staff, even beginner is reliable. (we open with window)

... B.B.BASE1 anniversary memory special plan - Sakura cycle festival

 We hold Sakura oldness and event in open space for cyclists with service of special train in commemoration of the service first anniversary of train "B.B.BASE" for cycle when JR East Chiba branch office travels. Beginner is welcome, too. Person who is interested in bicycle come by all means even a little.

 The date and time: Saturday, January 26, 2019, 27th Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00

 Place: Sakura oldness and open space (2714, Usuita, Sakura-shi)

      ※No charge for admission


 * Watt motorcycle experience society / Japan Professional Cyclists Union Chiba Branch

 * Virtual race meet / Japan Professional Cyclists Union Chiba Branch

 * MULLER bicycle test-ride event /MULLER Japan

 * Netherlands bicycle test-ride event / Sakura City

 * Sightseeing ship test-ride event / Sakura City Tourism Association

 * Branches of kitchen car

 ※Event contents may be changed.

"pamputorakku" appears for a limited time

 Waving course "pamputorakku" used in competitions such as bicycle motocross or skateboarding is opening for a limited time in Sakura oldness and open space! If wheels such as normal bicycle, in-line skate, kickboard are attached, we can use anything.

 Period January 14, 2019 Monday (holiday) - Tuesday, March 5

 Place: Sakura oldness and open space (2714, Usuita, Sakura-shi)

 Rate: Adult 1,000 yen /1 time, 500 yen /1 time lower than high school student

      ※Limit is free at the time of January 26, event on 27th

※Required helmet, equal no protective gear wearing to knee, elbow (there is free rental)
※There is free rental of narrow path bicycle (we do rental of bicycle)


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The other route to castle town, Sakura and Inba marsh ride going in special plan - special train B.B.BASE Sakura of the first anniversary of ... B.B.BASE

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