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Please utilize "Sakura City child care support guidebook"

[November 5, 2018]

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Please utilize "Sakura City child care support guidebook"

"Sakura City child care support guidebook" which settled child care support service of city was completed.

It is full of information to be useful for refuge at the time of various information and disasters about Pregnancy/childbirth, child care, child care including list of medical institutions.

(you can see contents from the following PDF file, electronic book version)


※Sakura City and SCINEX Corporation collaborated and produced this "Sakura City child care support guidebook".

We cover production expense by placing advertisements such as business owners inside and outside the city.

We distribute free in city public facilities

We distribute free at the following place.

・Child care generation inclusion support center

・Child care support center

・Nursery school, After school care program, kindergarten, Child center, hall of old people and children

・Citizen's section, branch office, police box, Public Service Center

・Public hall, library, community center others


Please utilize "child care support guidebook" for electronic book!

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Child care support guidebook electronic book version

You can see PDF file of each page

"Sakura City child care support guidebook" PDF file

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Sakura City government office [Child Health Department] child care support section
Telephone: 043-484-6246 fax: 043-486-2118

It is route according to utilization kudasaiheno by "Sakura City child care support guidebook"

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