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News of volunteer, social movement Festa 2018in Sakura holding

[November 1, 2018]

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Volunteer, social movement Festa 2018in Sakura holding!

 Volunteer group flock of Sakura City!

 It may be said that volunteer and social movement are the making of kominyuti which they can live for in peace while various people living in area helping each other, and interchanging.
 "Volunteer, social movement festival" reaching the seventh in this year sees volunteer, social movement in local resident widely and hears and has you know and holds for the purpose of expansion of leading figure and participant, supporter of activity.

 There is live this year, too! There is refreshment stand, too! Please arrive! !kamuro comes to play, too♪

 We see and touch and discover! !


・Announcement of activity introduction
・Establishment (interchange with activity introduction, article sale, visitors) of booth
・Experience-based corner (play, work, handwriting diagnosis, simulated experience)
・Refreshment stand
・Sakura City native place singer Yuya Takahashi mini-live
・kamuro rock, paper, scissors meet
・Poster display
・Encounter forum
・Performance of drum
・Stamp rally round and round quizzes

Branch group

Central public hall (33 groups), parking lot area (13 groups), poster exhibition (46 groups)

The date and time, place

The date and time: Sunday, November 25 from 10:00 to 15:00

Place: Sakura City center public hall & parking lot

Entrance fee for free

Volunteer, social movement Festa guidance flyer

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