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Under illegally parked bicycle clean campaign conduct

[October 10, 2018]

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Under illegally parked bicycle clean campaign conduct


We offer hospitality in town where illegally parked zero is pure

 Illegally parked bicycle clean campaign is carried out all at once in metropolitan area from October. Even Sakura City performs distribution of notice and flyer of poster, removal work around station intensively at the same time.

Conduct period

Two months of from October 1, 2018 to November 30

In addition, we do ten days until from October 22 to October 31 in Chiba with emphasis period.

About the issue of illegally parked bicycle

 We cover raised block blocking up the sidewalk, road, and illegally parked bicycle might become trouble of traffic. In addition, we harm scenery of town and have various effects. Each one follows manner, and let's aim at comfortable town of illegally parked zero.

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Sakura City government office [Civil Engineering Department] Road Maintenance Division
Telephone: 043-484-6130 fax: 043-486-2505

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