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Guidance (channel 296) of television transmission

[October 2, 2018]

ID: 19714

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Sakura citizen music hall is featured in news on 296 on Monday for from Monday, October 1, 2018 to 8th.

Citizen music hall met reopening on September 23, 2018.
Introductions such as state at the time of the choice of concert grand piano which we purchased newly or facilities which we renewed will be broadcasted.
As for the details of broadcast, please see the following.

[program name]
296 news mini-corner
"Coherence in Sakura citizen music hall new grand piano introduction"

The first broadcast date and time: Monday, October 1 20:00 ...
(we introduce at special feature corner of program, around ten minutes for 30 minutes)
Rebroadcast: From Tuesday, October 2 to 6th Saturday, Monday, October 8
Broadcast time: Every day 10 00/17 00/20 00 (three times a day broadcast):
※There is no broadcast on Sunday. Only as for 00, 10 broadcasts 00/17 on Monday on 8th

Channel 296 (terrestrial digital 11ch digital CATV302ch) 

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