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The second citizen participation workshop "child care, tetsugaku talks" held report

[September 26, 2018]

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Held report

 The second citizen participation workshop published held report of "child care, tetsugaku talks". (November 8, 2018)

The second citizen participation workshop "child care, tetsugaku talks" held report

It is contents at the time of recruitment of participants as follows. Recruitment of participants of the second workshop, holding was finished.

(tentative name) Shimmachi activated compound facilities design duties citizen participation workshops <the second> such as Sakura libraries

 In Sakura City, we plan rebuilding of timeworn Sakura library and perform "basic design, conduct design" to design drawing of concrete building assuming way of thinking of "Shimmachi activated compound facilities basics design, basic plan that we devised in last year such as (tentative name) Sakura libraries".

 We hold "workshop" (citizen, user discussion meeting) about design of new Sakura library to be able to go ahead while asking about opinion of citizen, users.

 Do you not think about library which wants to go together?

"Child care, tetsugaku talks"

Let's think about "child care" through talks!

 "tetsugaku talks" (philosophy cafe) are places that exchange opinions while enjoying talks about one theme.

 Everybody who spends rotating days of eyes every day.
 Let's talk about "child care".

 ※We want to practice event to be possible in new facilities ahead of schedule.
  A time when we can talk frankly. Please participate - - casually.

Holding contents


 Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 14:00 to 16:00 (opening 13:30)


 Meeting room [the location, access] in the third floor of the Sakura City government office social welfare center


 Around 20 people
 ※In the case of a lot of applicants, we do with lottery.


 Person (application required, participation for free) who is interested in person and child care of child care generation by city residence, working, attendance at school

 ※But person who can consent to use of the photograph for snap photography held and internal report or public information.

 ※Companion of child is possible, too.

Application method

 Apply for address, full name, age, phone number by FAX or E-mail at the following.

 FAX: 043-484-1515 
 E-mail: fm (at mark) ※Please replace (at mark) with "@".

The application deadline

 Until Thursday, October 18, 2018 17:00 (must arrive)
 ※We extended application reception desk


 Sakura City Board of Education, Sakura City, Shinnichi Okada drawing office


 (NPO corporation) child philosophy adult philosophy adakoda

Contact information

 Sakura City government office asset management management room

 Telephone: 043-484-6110

About future plan

 As Sakura library design-related workshop is going to recruit every time, please participate in interesting theme.

 We are preparing for workshops on the following themes (plan) in future.

Workshops are scheduled
Holding timeTheme (plan)
Saturday, October 27, 2018Symposium "possibility of - Sakura Shimmachi to library forming the future of town"
Sunday, November 18, 2018The way of Shimmachi activation and Sakura library (compound facilities)
Saturday, December 8, 2018Library function to become nucleus and expansion facilities
About February, 2019Event simulation (autumn festivals) 
About March, 2019Sakura library (compound facilities) how to spend simulation 
About June, 2019The making of face facing Sakura library (compound facilities) - Shimmachi street

 We guide on Kouhou Sakura, homepage as soon as the details are decided.

We value your comments.

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Sakura City government office [room] asset management management room
Telephone: 043-484-6110 fax: 043-484-1515

The other route to held "child care, tetsugaku talks" the second citizen participation workshop, reporting

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