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[introduction of new location company] Company uni-mat life (under recruitment of employees!)

[July 11, 2018]

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[introduction of new location company] Company uni-mat life (under recruitment of employees!)

 We make use of strength and charm of Sakura in Sakura City toward promotion of activation, the employment of city economy and wrestle for company invitation and investment in city promotion positively. In Sakura City company invitation grant business carrying out from the H16 year, we support two capital spending such as 13 new locations, enlargement in 13 years of the H16 - H28 year.
 The following factory (linen supply business) of company uni-mat life makes a foray into Sakura third industrial area newly. (going to operate from about August)
Sakura third industrial area

Location company profile

Company name   :Company uni-mat life
The head office location: Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo ni chome 12-14 uni-mat Aoyama Building
Founding time  :July, 1958
The number of employees  :Approximately three, 000 people

Company logo

Factory summary

The location  :2-11-4, Osaku, Sakura-shi, Chiba (the Sakura third industrial area)
Plottage: 4,200㎡
Building structure: One juryotetsukinzokojo 4 stories deferred 2,148 square meters
Business outline: We raise the first factory in Sakura to make a foray into linen supply business newly. By linen supply that matched needs of customer, "cleanliness" provides "we are beautiful". White thing is cleaner whiter, as for the touch flexibly. Because we touch skin directly, we feel of visitor and send with confidence from company factory.

Business image
Business image 2

Under recruitment of opening staff!

Offer condition

  The type of job

 Washing such as sheet towels

 Work of tatami mat, finish


 Transportation expenses supply, uniform loan

  Work location 

 2-11-4, Osaku, Sakura-shi

 (the Sakura third industrial area)


 Regular staff

 209,000 yen ...


 From 9:00 to 18:00

  ※3h ... a day, three days a week - OK!

  ※One warm welcome that can work on Saturday and Sunday!

  Hourly wage

 Part part-time job

 950 yen ... ※There is raise in salary system


 Shift system

 ★Student, part-time jobber, housewife welcome

[application & inquiry]

  ; uni-mat life rental & linen Division

  TEL. 03-5770-2053 (charge: Takahashi)

  After the telephone, please bring resume (sha*). At first please call casually.

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