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Summer national Traffic Safety Campaign

[July 10, 2018]

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National Traffic Safety Campaign of the summer of 2018

 Outbreak of accident by increase of traffic to leave for pleasure resort including accident and sea bathing to be caused by feeling of freedom of child and youth is expected at time in summer vacation. In addition, the situation that there is no end to accidents that elderly person still encounters damage continues.

 Therefore we make it a practice of observance of traffic rules and practice of right traffic manner to citizen of the prefecture each one by developing road safety education and public information, enlightenment activity intensively at this time when we had with the season for outings close at hand and carry out for the purpose of planning thorough prevention of traffic accident.

Conduct period

 Ten days until from Tuesday, July 10, 2018 to Thursday, July 19


 ... you are driving carefully now; or ...

Important point target

  1. Prevention of traffic accident of child and elderly person
  2. Promotion (we carry in particular out common knowledge of Chiba saic rule thoroughly) of use of security of bicycle
  3. Thorough right wearing of seat belt and car seat of all seats including rear seat
  4. The extermination of drink-driving


※Chiba saic rule is basic traffic rule of bicycle. Let's carry out these rule defense, careful driving.

[rule before riding bicycle]

  1. Let's take out bicycle insurance
  2. We check, and let's maintain
  3. Let's attach reflection device
  4. Let's put on helmet
  5. Let's stop drink-driving

[rule when we ride bicycle]

  1. Let's run on the left side of road
  2. Let's give priority to walking person
  3. Let's stop nagara driving
  4. Let's confirm safely at intersection
  5. Let's attach light from the evening

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Sakura City government office [Civil Engineering Department] Road Maintenance Division
Telephone: 043-484-6130 fax: 043-486-2505

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