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We carry out exercise "gathering of lecture and chorus" to light society!

[June 14, 2018]

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Local power ... which prevents exercise - crime and delinquency to light the 68th society, and supports recovery

We carry out "gathering of lecture and chorus" as part of this.

About exercise to light society, it is this

Gathering of lecture and chorus


 The curtain rises at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 7, 2018 (the 0:30 p.m. opening)


 Shizu community center (794-1, Ino, Sakura-shi)

 ※As parking lot is limited, please use public transport.


Part 1 lecture

 * Lecturer : Michiko Kojima

 * Theme : "Child care to make child neither victim of crime nor assailant"


Michiko Kojima

[lecturer profile]
We establish "juvenile delinquency prevention Committee" based on carrier of police officer and own child care experience.
We work on the crime prevention saying "child care not to make own child criminal is connected directly with peace and order recovery of Japan".
By lecture, we preach the graded child care method other than crime prevention, the juvenile delinquency prevention and give parent hesitating about child care and people working on crime prevention big power.
It was born in 1956.
1975 Metropolitan Police Department entering the agency.
We retire taking the opportunity of the second child delivery in 1982. We devote ourselves to child care for ten years.
1992 Advisory Specialist for Consumer's Affairs qualification. Same year publishing company duty.
We act as public information sectional meeting workshop lecturer of kuritsuyo, the small, middle PTA by request of Minato-ku Board of Education in 1996.
We establish "juvenile delinquency prevention Committee" (under an alias: "skilled meeting" volunteer group) in 2005.
Specialty is juvenile delinquency, crime prevention to protect prevention of delinquency, child of boy.

Part 2 chorus

 ♪ Sakura municipal institution Sakura east Elementary School ♪

 ♪ Tatsuma, Sakura-shi field stand elementary school ♪



 250 first arrival (application required), free of charge

 Until Monday, June 25 when there is day care (reservation required)

 There are sign-language interpreter, abstract writing


You  specify Name of Representative, the number of people, phone number, and, by telephone, FAX, email, apply at the following.

 The "exercise to light society" Sakura City promotion committee secretariat (Sakura City government office social welfare inside of a section)

 Telephone: 043-484-6135, FAX: 043-486-2503, email:


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Sakura City government office [Welfare Department] social welfare section

Telephone: 043-484-6133

Fax: 043-486-2503

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We carry out exercise "gathering of lecture and chorus" to light society! Route according to heno

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