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Glow of health body ❤ communication Vol.6

[June 5, 2018]

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To prevent "rubella infection during the pregnancy"…

With "rubella"

 Rubella is acute rash sexually transmitted disease to be caused by rubella virus.

 Infection transmits infection course of rubella virus from Homo sapiens to Homo sapiens by droplet infection.
When it is adult in particular and develops from subclinical infection to serious complications concurrence widely, as for the symptom, high heat and rash continue for a long time and detect arthralgia and may be aggravated than children. In addition, it is disease that we can never downplay because hospitalization medical treatment may be necessary to merge encephalitis and thrombocytopenic purpura.

In addition, when pregnant woman until pregnancy 20 weeks is infected with rubella virus,
"Congenital rubella syndrome" may develop in child born.

What is "congenital rubella syndrome?" Influence on ... baby ...

If possibility that baby with hearing loss (we do not hear ear well) and cataract (lens of eyes becomes muddy white and does not see eyes well), congenital heart disease (abnormality of heart form), growth development delay failure is born becomes very higher, it is said to be. .

When these disorders occur, "congenital rubella syndrome" (CRS, congenital rubella syndrome) is diagnosed

So that woman who may become pregnant prevents "rubella infection during the pregnancy?"

 At first please confirm own mother and child health handbook "was oneself vaccinated for rubella?". Because it is very likely that person who has not suffered from person, rubella that are not vaccinated with rubella does not have antibody, let's confirm presence of antibody by "rubella antibody inspection" (blood test).

 When antibody titer is low, there is no antibody or, as a result of inspection, is in danger of being infected. We can get antibody by receiving inoculation of rubella vaccine.

 Woman who has received woman who has been infected with rubella, rubella vaccination is more likely to have antibody, but recommends blood test if it is worry.

※"Person who is not vaccinated for rubella to people born by April 1, 1990 from April 2, 1962,
Or confirmation is necessary as there are many people inoculating only once into.

 Pregnant woman cannot receive inoculation.
 In addition, contraception for around two months is necessary after the inoculation to avoid influence on baby in stomach as much as possible even if not pregnant.

In the next one, "examination of rubella antibody" is received free

At hospital and medical office which Chiba entrusted with, we can receive examination of rubella antibody free.

[object] One that satisfies all from 1 to 5 next

In 1,000 leaf prefecture municipalities place of residence (except Chiba-shi, Funabashi-shi, Kashiwa-shi)
Woman (single person needs agreement of protector in 19 years old or younger) in hope of 2 pregnancy
 We have not received examination of rubella antibody in 3 pasts
 We have not been vaccinated for rubella in 4 pasts
 We have not suffered from rubella in 5 pasts

Period From April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019

For more details, please confirm on homepage of Chiba. Link → Examination of Chiba rubella antibody (we open with window)


Prophylaxis of rubella is necessary for man

 Ratio that received vaccination in the case of man Japanese 20 generations later is low, and outbreak of rubella may happen between men. Therefore it is thought that infection danger of pregnancy woman finally increases.
 Aggressive vaccination to man reduces the rubella fashion as well as woman and reduces rubella infection danger of pregnancy woman.

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  Without, for day to be to mom "sometime", forgetting prophylaxis of rubella…

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By "glow of health body ❤ communication,"
We will send information to aim at pregnancy power improvement by the making of beautiful body with health in future!

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