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[September 20, 2018]

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Action to get pregnant
Health of pregnant woman
Procedure of delivery
After giving birth care
The pregnancy, sterile consultation
The furtherance of Pregnancy/childbirth
Medical treatment, the furtherance of child care
Medical examination of child
We want to talk
The pregnancy period - child care period (child care generation inclusion support center)
Consultation of the breeding, the development of child
Consultation (child care concierge) of imprisonment of child
Consultation of heart of mom
Child care information
Child care support information
Go out
Nursery school, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care
Temporary custody
2 years old child custody in kindergarten
Child-care facility out of the authorization
Illness child, convalescent child childcare
Short stay of child
Family support center
Primary schoolchild ...
Elementary school
After-school care program for school children
Junior high school
Child center
Education Center

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