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Fire accident occurs at the time of garbage collection!

[February 14, 2018]

ID: 18309

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Fire accidents by cassette cylinder and writer occur frequently

 "We fill up, and one, fire accident of six in total occur one case, "metal kind, small size household appliances" each this year on two, collection day of "perception" on collection day of garbage" on collection day of "garbage to be able to burn".

 This caught fire from spray can which the contents were left, cassette cylinder, writer.

 When fire accident occurs in residential area, it is very dangerous and will cause inhabitants trouble and is connected for delay of collection.

 As we can prevent fire by taking out garbage definitely, I would like your understanding cooperation.

        Garbage which burnt in collection car

      Spray can which became ignition cause

When garbage truck becomes fire…

  • We might give serious damage to house and citizen who are next to garbage accumulation place and collection worker.
  • According to plan delay occurs at collection time without being able to collect.
  • Depending on the situation, we may blockade road temporarily out of necessity.
  • It causes trouble of garbage truck and needs a large amount of expense for repair.
    (depending on the situation, we may scrap)

Cause to become vehicle fire…

Main cause of vehicle fire is that canned aerosol and lighters such as spray can, cassette cylinder are given in state that the contents are left.
Therefore please note the handling when spray cans and writer are exhausted.

Right how to put out spray can and writers

How to put out that "cassette cylinders" are right "spray can"

  • Ventilation is good and pushes jet button until I do not hear "Shoo" ttoiu sound the outdoors without heat.
    (as the contents overflow and might damage floor and people, you spread newspaper, and please warn enough.)
  • After having used up gas, please make a hole in can.
  • "Fill up garbage", not "metal kind, small size household appliances," please provide on collection day of "perception"!

Right how to put out of "writer"

  • We confirm unheated thing in the neighborhood and push down joy stick (when we fire, we blow out immediately) and, with strong tape of rubber band and the adhesive strength, just fix.
  • Gas falls out if we hear sound called "Shoo".
    (when we do not hear, we move flame adjustment lever to positive direction full)
  • Ventilation is good and, as the state, leaves unattended near by in the unheated outdoors on 1st from half day.
  • If we fire for confirmation and operate, and fire does not arrive, degassing is completion.
  • Of "fill up garbage" please provide on collection day.

How to put out cassette gas cylinder and disposable gas cigarette lighters

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Fire accident occurs at the time of garbage collection! Route according to heno

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