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We raise "kamuro exhibition" fan art works very much! (the January 31 deadline)

[April 24, 2018]

ID: 18199

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It is large offer ja with "kamuro exhibition" fan art work!

 To display for "kamuro exhibition" held on the last year of The 400th anniversary of the establishment of Sakura/Castle Town business, is offer surunoja with plane work by fan♪

Offer period

 Until Wednesday, January 31 (must arrive)

Display period

 From Tuesday, February 27 to Sunday, March 25

Display place

 Sakura City Museum of Art entrance hall or the first-floor lobby wall surface
Sakura City Museum of Art entrance hall

Offer contents

 Free form with work which we can display on plane including one's own portrait, illustration, comics, photograph, book, literary arts about kamuro (to two points of one)


 To A4 size (210*297mm), it is free to do length and breadth at the maximum
 ※Because city prints in the case of data application, color taste or purity may change different case and size.

It is application example of work.

(we increase in ← image click)

Application method

 We do not return work.

 Anonymity or nom de plume handle name is all possible.
 As a general rule, we do not announce, but it is said with signature possible (or, as for the titles, possible) on part in work display of application author name when it is hoped.

   〒285-8501 97, Kairinjimachi, Sakura-shi Sakura City government office public relations section "kamuro exhibition" person in charge

 We are brought to window
   To the third floor of Sakura City government office Building No. 1 public relations section window (weekdays from 8:30 to 17:15)

   We transmit to Sakura City public relations section (title: kamuro exhibition application)
   ※As for the attached file, 3MB or less are recommended. When nearly 5MB becomes, we may not receive.

   We attach work image and hashtag "# kamuro exhibition application" and post


 We are going to announce "kamuro Prize" "author () prize" on Saturday, March 17 (there is souvenir)

★When we want to apply with portraits of New Year's card addressed to kamuro in 2018

 Please specify with "kamuro exhibition application" for the contents such as address side or portrait from now on when New Year's card is given by (〒 285-8501 Sakura City government office "kamuro") to kamuro. 
 When you want to apply in portrait or photograph which you drew on New Year's card of 2018 when you had you already send, you push yourself forward with the declaration of intention, and please contact Sakura City Public Affairs Division (the following reference) by person's name.
 Or we do whether you know in reply to kamuro (@kamurochan) on Twitter even if we have you attach hashtag "# kamuro exhibition application" and post so if possible.

 [about display method of New Year's card and personal information]

 ▼As display of New Year's card displays thing that color copied the contents such as portraits in city not the original, as for the fear that personal information of the sender listed in address side leaks, there are none.
   In addition, for color copy, color taste or purities may be different.

 ▼When personal information (except nom de plume handle names) of the sender is listed in the contents such as portraits of New Year's card, deletion or sumi coating does the part concerned from color copy and displays.

  • But we consider to have had you agree to display that you included signature in when there is mention of "kamuro exhibition application" when New Year's card is given from now on and there is signature for the contents such as portraits.
    (when there is mention of personal information except signature, we paint with deletion or sumi from color copy and do)
  • About personal information listed in the contents such as portraits, we paint all with deletion or sumi from color copy and, in the case of New Year's card which was already sent, shall do whether it is the sender even if we have notification because we cannot confirm.


 ▼We can subscribe even for work which we have already announced, but thing which violates right of third party including copyright and trademark (includes commercial characters), and is against (plagiarism or unauthorized use) and public order and morals, thing with politics, religiousness, other cities do inappropriateness and thing which admitted with impossibility.

 ▼Copyright of work belongs to application author, but city shall be able to use work freely in range of display and introduction purpose.

 We do not display all of entries. In addition, we cannot tell about the right or wrong of display in advance or individually.

 ▼For display, we may use pin or adhesive for work.

 ▼We may replace display work without notice.

 ▼About loss or theft, damage of work displaying, city does not take all responsibility.


 The Sakura City government office [Planning Policies Department] public relations section
 Telephone: 043-484-6101 fax: 043-486-8720
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