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Do you know "AV appearance compulsion problem, JK business issues?"

[December 28, 2017]

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"AV appearance compulsion problem, JK business issues" occur

 Triggered by talent scout of model and idol, application to high income part-time job, shooting such as sexual acts is forced, and examples to be damaged such as sex violence, stoker occur. This problem is called "AV (adult video) appearance compulsion problem" "JK (high school girl) business issues". It is act to stamp on human rights of woman, and these are never permitted.
 On homepage of the Cabinet Office gender equality station, we introduce damage example and consultation counter. We know damaged person who does not know where we should talk with who is in trouble in damage…Please talk about one called this without holding alone.


Reference: Cabinet Office gender equality station homepage

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Do you know "AV appearance compulsion problem, JK business issues?" Route according to heno

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