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[collection of links] Social movement information

[September 8, 2017]

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Social movement information collection of links

 In Sakura City, a wide variety of activities by citizen's everybody are carried out lively.
 Which "oneself wants to begin what it was" gathered up various links for person to "want to look for friend".

Event, circle

"Kouhou Sakura" (Sakura extra)

 Every Public information magazine "Koho Sakura" publishes social movement information (event, circle) in 15 days a month issue "Sakura extra".

 [Sakura extra] Publication information (text version "my public information paper" search results) ※Indication takes time a little

 [public information paper PDF file version]

 [guidance of public information paper digital distribution] (electronic book version, text version)

 (inquiry: Public Affairs Division)

Civic public interest activity

Citizen public interest activity information site

 We introduce activity contents and event of various citizen's public interest activity groups enrolling in citizen's public interest activity support center.

 (inquiry: self-government human rights promotion section)

Lifelong learning, cultural organization

Lifelong learning information magazine

 We issue lifelong learning information magazine which we summarized various business in as city and event hosted by affiliate.

 ・We learning corps (product for public)
 ・Play place all sorts of subject jiten (product for children)

 (inquiry: Social Education Section)

Sakura City cultural organization communication meeting

 It is intended "to deepen cooperation and understanding of various cultural organizations phase each other in the city, and to contribute to promotion of people's culture" and is comprised of approximately one, 840 members now.

 (inquiry: culture section)


Association of Sakura City physical education

 You can see group joining association.

 (inquiry: life Sports Division)

Sakura citizen gymnasium

 We introduce use group of Sakura citizen gymnasia.

 (inquiry: Sakura citizen gymnasium)

Citizen's homepage

Collection of homepages of Sakura citizen

 We introduce unique homepage of Sakura citizen and group.

 ※All responsibility belongs to manager of each page about publication information of each page.
   In addition, Sakura City does not recommend about each citizen, group.
 ※Page that is not run may be published now.

 (inquiry: Public Affairs Division)

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