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About door-built lease house rent assistance business

[January 5, 2018]

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Door-built lease house rent assistance business

We assist about rent of youth household, child care household which did lease newly in house where door is based to plan utilization promotion of existing home so that we settle down, and promotion of maintenance increase of population and maintenance of healthy community and development and restraint of empty house amount of youth household.

1. It is for supporting target person (1) (2) which met both conditions

  (1) One (at application from contract less than one year) that performed lease of detached residence newly  ※Contract update is inapplicable

  (2) Household or couple either raising child younger than 18 years at at April 1, 2018 is household younger than 40 years

2. Supporting target house

  (1) Being door-built house

  (2) Do not conflict with rule of Building Standard Act Chapter 3

  (3) Do not be house which relative owns

3. Target expense

  (1) Rent (rent for from April, 2018 to March, 2019)

     ※Fee for common service, administrative expense, the parking lot fee for use are inapplicable.

4. Less than a one-third (upper limit 20,000 yen) X 24 months of rent of supporting amount of money every month

        ※Degree assistance application is necessary every year.

5. Until offer period December 28, 2018  ※We finish reception desk of application even if we meet during period when we exceed the amount of budget.    

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