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[inheritance of Japan] Cityscape of Hokuso to feel Hokuso four city Edo travelogue, Edo

[June 4, 2018]

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[NEW!!] Japanese inheritance official homepage was made!

We can download application of city walk, too

Official homepage (we open with window) of Hokuso four city Edo travelogue was made! It is full of information of four cities!

In addition, we can download official application of Hokuso four city Edo travelogue, too.

It is application that is convenient for walk that model course function and navigator function pointed out!

About this authorization

Introduction video


Chiba prefecture's first authorization

On April 25, 2016, Sakura City, Narita-shi, Katori-shi, four cities and Chiba of Choshi-shi applied

Cityscape of Hokuso to feel Hokuso four city Edo travelogue, Edo

―Four representative cityscape group in the suburbs of Edo that supported Sakura, Narita, Sahara, Choshi, megacity Edo―

But, we were authorized to inheritance of 2016 of Japan.

In this page, we introduce inheritance authorized this time of Japan.

We introduce inheritance that was authorized this time in page of Chiba Education Bureau cultural assets section of Japan. Please refer.

Please refer to this page for constitution cultural assets of Choshi-shi.

What is "inheritance of Japan?"

 As for "the inheritance of Japan," Agency for Cultural Affairs authorizes Japanese culture, "story" to talk about tradition through local historic charm and characteristic.

 As for the inheritance that began in last year of Japan, 19 37 cases in total are authorized in 18 cases, 2016 in 2015. We aim for authorizing around 100 cases by 2020 held the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics.

 Inheritance of Japan focuses on "story" that came from the history and climate not cultural assets itself, and it is made up mainly of area, and maintenance utilizes cultural assets group of attractive materiality, formlessness generally, and it features to send information to home and abroad strategically.

 Please refer to this page of Agency for Cultural Affairs for inheritance authorized so far of Japan.

About authorized "story"

"Edo" that is the nearest from the world

About the details and constitution cultural assets of story

 "Cityscape of Hokuso to feel Hokuso four city Edo travelogue, Edo" authorized this time is Japan inheritance of "serial number model" (network type) that story develops on plural cities.

 Hokuso area was next to megacity Edo and it supplied product of eastern country to Edo using way which continued in transportation by water and Edo of the Tone River and, against a backdrop of Kanto plains and the Pacific of fishing ground, supported living and economy of Edo.

 By adopting culture of Edo while we did it this way,

A certain four characteristics city called this developed.

In these four cities, cityscape and scenery that visited Edo general public remain and can sense Edo atmosphere bodily while there is still in the suburbs of Tokyo.

These near cities can be called nearest "Edo" from the world from Narita Airport.

For more information about story of "cityscape of Hokuso to feel Hokuso four city Edo travelogue, Edo", constitution cultural assets, it is released on homepage of Agency for Cultural Affairs.

About constitution cultural assets in Sakura City, you can see commentary than right menu. Please refer.

In addition, we made flyer about this authorization. We can download than the following.

Japanese inheritance "Hokuso four city Edo travelogue" flyer

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[inheritance of Japan] Cityscape of Hokuso to feel Hokuso four city Edo travelogue, Edo

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