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Minimum wages of Chiba

[October 3, 2018]

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News of minimum wages revision

Chiba minimum wages were revised

Chiba minimum wages (minimum wages according to area) applied to all workers (we include part, part-time job.) and user who worked in business ground in Chiba were revised as follows.


     From October 1, 2018 time sum 895 yen (conventional from 868 yen to 27 yen increase)


User cannot use worker by wage which is lower than this sum.
It is invalidated by law even if we establish wage which is lower than this sum, and we are considered to have done minimum wages and fate of the same amount.

・Spirit perfect attendance allowance, commutation allowance, family allowance, overtime entitlement, holiday call-in pay, graveyard shift allowance, bonus and temporary wage are not included in the amount of these minimum wages.

・In the case of salary system, daily wages system, we compare in terms of sum at time.

・As a general rule, minimum wages are applied to all workers working in the prefecture, but exception of reduction of minimum wages is detected by mind or physical obstacle by user remarkably receiving permission of Director labor about low people of ability for labor.

・As "specific minimum wages" determined by type of industry may be applied other than "Chiba minimum wages", please be careful.


Reference about minimum wages  

Please refer for detailed thing about minimum wages as follows.

・Department of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Chiba labor bureau labor standards wage room (telephone 043-221-2328)

・Nearest labor standards supervision station (as for the jurisdiction of Sakura City Togane labor standards supervision station: telephone 0475-52-4358)

・24 hours telephone service 043-221-4700


・You get up in "management labor improvement consultation center" (Chiba minimum wages synthesis consultation support center), and please use as you are consulted and attach free of charge about management problem and personnel management. Telephone: 0120-026-210

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