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About Sakura City general education meeting

[April 13, 2018]

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Sakura City general education meeting

We planned clarification of the responsibility system in district educational administration, construction of the quick crisis control system, cooperation reinforcement with chief while "law to revise a part of the law about organization of local educational administration and administration" being enforced on April 1, 2015, and finding political neutrality, continuity, stability of education, and revision to plan reviews of participation of country for district was done.
 Setting of "synthesis education meeting" was required that the Board of Education planned enough mutual understanding with chief and promoted educational administration that reflected the popular will still more and devised Sakura City education general rules in Sakura City this time in January, 2016.


 The date and time: It is 3:00 from 30 at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

 Place: All the first floor of Sakura City government office assembly ridge meeting room

 The agenda: (1) Discussion, adjustment matter

     ・About state of implementation of main measures based on 2017 education general rules (publicly)

     ・(tentative name) about "basic design, basic plan" for maintenance of Shimmachi activated compound facilities (draft) such as Sakura libraries (publicly)

     (2) Report matter

     ・About the approach situation about the issue of bullying (publicly)

     ・About approach about education consultation (publicly)

 Hearing: Ten capacity (first-come-first-served basis)

Past meeting


The first meeting materials (July 19, 2017 holding)

The second meeting materials (February 14, 2018 holding)


The first meeting materials (July 13, 2016 holding)

The second meeting materials (February 15, 2017 holding)


The first meeting materials (July 29, 2015 holding)

The second meeting materials (November 18, 2015 holding)

The third meeting materials (January 20, 2016 holding)

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