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List of Sakura City social media (SNS) formula accounts

[July 3, 2018]

ID: 12862

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[account name] sakura_city (June 29, 2018 establishment)

We convey charm of Sakura City in photograph.
Please share charm that you already knew, charm that you did not know!


Sakura City city promotion

[page name] Sakura City city promotion (April 1, 2018 establishment)

 We send the highlight, event of Sakura City, charm including event widely.
 kamuro sometimes appears, too♪

The 400th anniversary of the establishment of Sakura/Castle Town business

[page name] The 400th anniversary of the establishment of Sakura/Castle Town business (from July 17, 2013 establishment → April 1, 2018 for "Sakura City city promotion")

 Japan's Top 100 Castles, Sakura Jo which member of the Shogun's Council of Elders, Toshikatsu Doi of the Edo Shogunate spent time from 1610 through 8 and built.
 At turning point of construction of a castle 400 years, event and business in connection with History/Culture, castle town are held in Sakura-shi, Chiba.

Sakura City Fireworks

[page name] Sakura City Fireworks (July 4, 2013 establishment)

 We are going to hold on Saturday every year in Sakura oldness and around open space in the first in August!
 Please enjoy resplendence of all sorts of flowers in full glory in the shore of Inba marsh and lake.

 (page manager: Sakura City Fireworks executive committee)

Sakura citizen music hall

[page name] Sakura citizen music hall (June 26, 2013 establishment)

 Music hall in Sakura-shi, Chiba.
 It is hall of middle scale with superior sound effects that are appreciated from world first rank musicians.
 Mainly on classical music, dancing, drama, lecture is used widely.

Sakura manufacturing Festa

[page name] Sakura manufacturing Festa (April 22, 2013 establishment)

 Delicious thing and rare thing made in the fields of Sakura and shop, restaurant, factory,
 Thing only by Sakura flocks☆

 (page manager: Sakura-shi Industry Festival executive committee)


kamuro (Sakura hospitality character)

[account name] @kamurochan Twitter policy (February 1, 2011 establishment)

 wachino name is kamuro! Lend yo which lived in Sakura Jo in the old days, and, in (ayakashi), is seen in this way; and 400 years old ja.
 Send charm of Sakura City as "Sakura hospitality character" widely, is biography erunoja for "heart of hospitality" of Sakura♪

Sakura City disaster prevention information

[account name] @bousai_sakura Twitter policy (June 15, 2011 establishment)

 It is account for disaster prevention information dispatch. We tweet disaster, emergency information that we sent to by emergency broadcast system or E-mail delivery service mainly.
 Please note that you cannot do correspondence to reply (reply) to this account and direct message.
 Question, opinion, please use inquiry foam to each section of city homepage.


Video newsletter from Sakura City (YouTube Sakura City formula channel)

[channel name] Video newsletter from Sakura City (Sakura City formula channel) (April 2, 2012 establishment)

 We send news from charm and city of Sakura-shi, Chiba with video!
 ▼Channel Sakura (Sakura City public information program) Monday update ※We extract only special feature (delivery start periodical from April, 2016)
 ▼Municipal administration information ▼ sightseeing, culture ▼ Sakura tidings of the blossoms
 ▼kamuro << Camu Camu video >>
 ▼Sakura City image picture

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