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Please be careful about "telephone de fraud"!

[October 25, 2017]

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Please be careful about "telephone de fraud"!

 In the Sakura city, wire fraud of trick to come to home to receive bank card is occurring frequently now.


Trick to come to take bank card

 We continue, and there is a phone call from person giving police officer and financial institution and we issue bank card and tell person giving staff of financial institution which finally came to home password in addition, and cash is drawn triggered by telephone, "we reported to the police as your bank card was abused." afterwards by person giving the major department store staff.


 If telephone comes in absolute one, it thinks, "it is fraud." police officer and the staff of financial institution receive bank card, and to go to get, and please contact emergency call to the police or Sakura police station immediately.

 Sakura police station : 043-484-0110

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Sakura City government office [room] crisis control room

Telephone: 043-484-6131

Fax: 043-486-2502

Of phone number please be careful to run wrong!

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Please be careful about "telephone de fraud"! Route according to heno

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