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Please be careful about "telephone de fraud"!

[November 6, 2018]

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"Telephone de fraud" occurs frequently!

 Telephones of telephone de fraud are occurring frequently in Sakura City now.

"It's me" fraud

 Criminal talked about the name of son and grandchild, and "cell-phone number changed." Because "I have business, we cannot go to get money,. We give a call of contents, we want you to hand because different person goes.

Fraud such as refunds

 As for the criminal, "medical expenses, premium, Taxes are returned." posing as city official or police officer We give a call of contents "to prepare bank card, and, please to go to existing money automatic receipts and payments machine." (ATM).

Imaginary request fraud

 Tricks to send postcard and sealed letter which words such as "news of suit last notice about general consumption rate" were listed in to occur frequently. Even if postcard and sealed letter of unfamiliar contents arrive, please never connect with listed contact information.

 [characteristic of sealed letter]

  ・It is attached 82-yen stamp on yokata (horizontal) window envelope, the left

  ・It is imprint of "it is important" with red on the surface

  ・There is no mention of the sender

  ・We enclose one piece of paper of A4 size that address (zip code, address, full name) was listed in

  ※About detailed contents of postcard and sealed letter, please see this Ministry of Justice homepage. (we open with window)

When there were suspicious calls

 You warn the next point, and please contact Sakura police station when there is suspicious call, and postcards of unfamiliar contents reach home.

   1    We call to number of cell-phone of son and grandchild whom we employed and confirm so far.

   2 never hands cash and bank card to person except family for any reason.

   As for medical expenses, premium by 3 telephones and ATM, the return procedure of Taxes, absolute.

   We never think about 4 only in one and talk with the police and family, relative.

  * Sakura police station phone number: 043-484-0110

 In addition, we will usually talk about measures from family and neighboring person and fraud to telephone or letter because we do not encounter damage of telephone de fraud.

 In addition, is Sakura City; the present "do not answer Sakura telephone! We carry out exercise.

For more details, please see the following linked page. 

We do not answer Sakura telephone! Under exercise conduct (open with window)

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