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Sunflower garden of Sakura oldness and open space, windmill

[August 14, 2018]

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Sunflower garden of windmill

Sakura oldness and sunflower of open space

Sunflower named Sakura oldness that can enjoy seasonal flowers for Netherlands painter "Gogh" in open space in the middle of July, approximately 15,000 are in full bloom.
During period of navigation and sunflower of sightseeing ship pick, and sale is carried out.
Against a backdrop of Netherlands windmill and blue sky, please enjoy sunflower of one side to spread through the shore of Inba marsh and lake!


Schedule: From Saturday, July 7, 2018 to 22nd Sunday

※You cannot see sunflower to work on the construction of viewing site of fireworks display after Monday, July 23.

※It is forbidden flying drone in Parks without permission. For more details, please see homepage of Parks and Greenery Section.

Event during period

Lake sightseeing ship Inba sight-seeing

Lake Inba and sightseeing ship

Scheduled navigation date: Saturday, July 7, 8th Sunday, 14th from Saturday to 16th Monday (holiday), 21st Saturday, 22nd Sunday

Is going to navigate; time: 10:30 ..., 11:00 ..., 11:30 ..., 13:00 ..., 13:30 ..., 14:00 ..., 14:30 ..., 15:00 ...

(adult 1,000 yen, child 500 yen)

※Due to weather, please note that you may be change, cancellation.

Of sunflower pick, and sell

Sakura oldness and sunflower of open space

We pick, and, during event period, knob collecting is possible for two 100 yen by division.



Rent-a-bicycle (Sakura oldness and open space)

<rental place>

・ Sakura City Tourism Association (the Keiseisakura station square south exit)

・ Sightseeing in JR Sakura station square information center (JR Sakura Station north exit stairs bottom)

・ Sun sun cycle (the Keisei-Usui Station south exit)

・ Sakura oldness and open space (venue)

※We drop off mutually and are possible


From 9:00 to 16:00

※It is fixed closing day on Wednesday for from 10:00 to 18:00 only for sun sun cycle


One 500 yen (as for the electric assist bicycle 1,000 yen) a day

It is the first among the prefecture! We start full-scale rent-a-bicycle of tandem bicycle!

Tandem a little less than 1* peda
Tandem 1
Tandem 2

Sakura oldness and rent-a-bicycle of open space increase two tandem bicycle from Sunday, July 1, 2018. When we run in cycling road of natural rich Inba marsh on tandem bicycle, how about?

<rental place>

Sakura oldness and open space

<rental time>

From 9:00 to 16:00

<person targeted for rental>

 Height : Pilot (front seat) more than 165cm

       Co-pilot (backseat) more than 145cm

 Age : Pilot 15 years old (high school student) or older

       There is no limit in co-pilot

 The weight : Pilot, co-pilots are less than 90 kg together


Two hours 1,500 yen

Four hours 3,000 yen

1st    4,000 yen

※The first one, please do test ride, exercise.

※For security, please wear helmet glove (there is rental, sale).


Sakura oldness and open space management ridge 043-486-8898

(public corporation) Sakura City Tourism Association 043-486-6000

Visit of Netherlands windmill

Stand "*ranhana"

In stand "*ranhana reopened on Saturday, March 31, 2018," we sell souvenirs of Sakura and local vegetables.

As you sell ice-cream cone using milk of Sakura product, please drop in.

Ice-cream cone

Ice-cream cone using milk from hometown

Holding place

 Sakura oldness and open space
 2714, Usuita, Sakura-shi
(the Ryu Iino Shin-kyo Bridge side)

Access to venue

 Sakura City circulation bus "hometown open space" gets off in a 30-minute walk or the Keisei-Sakura Station north exit from Keisei-Usui Station

Sakura City circulation bus (ride charges 100 yen) ※As there is little number of buses, and capacity is limited, please be careful.

Circulation bus timetable
Keisei-Sakura Station Oldness and open space Keisei-Sakura Station 
    8:35      8:43      8:55
    11:05    11:13    11:25
    13:45    13:53 →    14:05
      16:30    16:38    16:50

Sponsorship, inquiry

Sakura City Tourism Association 043(486) 6000

Sakura City Industry Promotion Section 043(484) 6146

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