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News of Sakura south library temporariness closing

[November 6, 2018]

ID: 7787

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For collection of books check, Sakura south library is closed as follows.

Sakura south library is closed for collection of books check temporarily from Monday, December 3 to Monday, December 10.

Monday is closed day in all facilities for note) Monday, December 3, December 4 (first Tuesday), ten days.

We are opened on Tuesday, December 11 as usual.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.


We would like return of closed book, magazine to the book post.

Put back seeing and hearing document to counter directly on opening day.

When application for rental reservations from the Internet to possession book is possible during closing, but receipt hall is south library,

You cannot receive document until you are opened.

In addition, document which was proposed when receiving was hoped for in opened other halls

When only south library has, we may have time before offer.

Please be careful.

We value your comments.

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