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About Sakura City mail delivery service

[June 5, 2013]

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With Sakura City mail delivery service

 Targeting at local people whom emergency broadcast system is hard to hear, it is service to deliver to smartphone, cell-phone, PC having urgent news from Sakura City by mail.

Information to deliver

 Kinds of information to deliver are as follows. Oneself chooses desired information and can receive.
 [kind of information to deliver]
 ○Disaster prevention, refuge information ○ water supply accident ○ crime prevention information ○ photochemical smog information
 ○Administrative information of all the descriptions of information ○ in front of of search, protection information ○ others of missing person

Delivery history

 We can confirm contents of email delivered to past from the following homepage (external link).

   Mail delivery history (external link)

To receive email

 Registration procedures from smartphone, cell-phone, PC of use to system are necessary to receive email. Please file in reference to the following operation procedure.
 In addition, person set a limit to the reception of email allow you to receive email from sakuramail @ (all small letter)

Person who is registered by PC

Please register according to this procedure (PDF file opens when you click)

Acquisition of Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader is necessary for reading of PDF file. When the software is not installed, please perform downloading (for free) of Adobe Reader from site of Adobe company.

Person who is registered by cell-phone

Please register by the following procedures.

 1. The transmission of email of the sky
   We send email (state filling in with anything) of the sky to

 2. Completion of temporary registration
   Email of temporary registration completion arrives.
   You click URL during the email text, and please access this registration screen.
   ※On expiration date of temporary registration, it is seven days after temporary registration completion.

 3. Agreement to Terms of Use
   Terms of Use are displayed.
   You confirm contents, and please click "we agree" when we agree, and mail delivery service is used.

 4. Choice of information to hope for
   Please choose information in hope of the reception.
   Please click "to the bottom next" if you choose.

 5. Confirmation of input contents
   Contents confirmation screen is displayed.
   Please confirm whether content that we input does not have error.
   When you register "correction" when you make modifications, please click "registration".

 6. Registration completion
   Email to tell about registration completion arrives.

Use charges

Registration is free. But rate that communication costs is paid privately.


○We run this service in Smartvalue Co., Ltd. where Sakura City consigns business to.
○Reply function of email does not have.

Inquiry about operation

○ Please inform the following call center windows of ignorance point in registration and the use.

○Tell about "Sakura City mail delivery service".

 Smartvalue Co., Ltd. call center window

 Telephone: 03-6226-9535

 Reception hours: From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays)

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Sakura City government office [room] crisis control room

Telephone: 043-484-6131

Fax: 043-486-2502

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