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Voices of residents

[July 26, 2017]

ID: 2826

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 It is essential to grasp opinion of citizens and request enough to make "Sakura" which is hometown better town.
 Therefore we establish window called Public opinions to have opinion about municipal administration approach from citizen's everybody in city.

 By Public opinions charge, we accept opinion to municipal administration by exclusive paper ("letter to the mayor") and sealed letter, E-mail.

 In addition, residents' association as the local general will accepts request from each residents' association, neighborhood association.

 About opinion, request that had you approach, Public opinions charge becomes window and sends to post in charge and will let future municipal administration reflect the contents because examination copes.

※In addition, please list name and address by all means when answer from city is hoped for. Please note that you cannot reply in the case of anonymity or ignorance of address.

Opinion to municipal administration

 We have opinion for municipal administration and suggestion approach from citizen's all of you.

Letter to the mayor

 We install "letter to the mayor" paper and exclusive envelope (as for the stamp, unnecessary) in city hall, each branch office, post office.
 Paper does not take care even of anything. In addition, please fill in address and the name by all means when answer is necessary.

Contribution from the Internet

 You fill in opinions, and please transmit to this input form.
 We investigate opinions that we had in post in charge and discussed with related organizations such as police stations and reply as needed.
 In addition, please note that you almost have time of around three weeks for investigation and answer making when you give answer.

 In addition, we release the summary widely on homepages after full names turned down personal information depending on contents of opinion. (thing which gave approval to about ※ exhibition is best)

・By input form when cannot transmit, please transmit to the following e-mail address.
 →E-mail address
 ※Sorry for your inconvenience, but, other than opinion, we would appreciate your filling out about the open right or wrong of full name, address, contents.

Residents' association request book

 You gather the local general will, and please submit request from area as "request books such as residents' association" from the local head such as self-government chairperson or Chairperson Machiuchi.

  We perform answer to representative, chairperson from department in charge.

Sakura City government office [Planning Policies Department] Secretarial Division (Public opinions charge)
Telephone: 043-484-6102 fax: 043-486-2509
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