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Public information program "channel Sakura" (is going to broadcast streaming)

[October 4, 2018]

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Public information TV program "Channel Sakura"

Channel Sakura

 We introduce this program to approach and the highlight, event of Sakura City widely.

▼Cable net 296
 Digital broadcasting 301ch/ terrestrial digital broadcast 10ch

▼On airdate
 From every Monday Sunday (daily life twice broadcast)
 2:00 p.m. - / 10:00 p.m. ... (for each 30 minutes)
※Including terrestrial digital broadcast, we cannot watch when we do not join cable TV.
(please refer to the following for Internet streaming)

We are going to broadcast October

We are going to broadcast October
 TopicSpecial feature
From 1 to 7

・Gathering of respect for the old

・It is Sakura souvenir with National Museum of Japanese History

It is quarter of century with everybody
 Archive ... of the 25th anniversary of the ... program start

From 8 to 14

・Namikimachi sacred sake place reconstruction memory ceremony

・Town seminar

mikata of care
 We support living like ... person! ...

From 15 to 21

・Sakura international speech contest

・Autumn national Traffic Safety Campaign campaign

Heart - high school student volunteer - of cooperation

From 22 to 28

・Contact gallery
 ... tenth person with a disability exhibition ...

・RUN attendant 2018

We will go to library

From 29th to November 4


・Sakura Autumn Festival

kusanone festival @ Sakura grass bueno hill
 ... LIVE! Greetings ... from town Sakura of music

   ※Please note that broadcast plan may be changed.

Video newsletter from Sakura City (YouTube Sakura City formula channel)

 Even as for the Video newsletter from Sakura City (YouTube Sakura City formula channel), you can see a part of the program (we extract only special feature) from (principle Monday) on the next day of TV closedown. (delivery start periodical from April, 2016)

 ※By consideration to privacy or copyright in YouTube please note that may not broadcast again.
Two-dimensional cord

Two-dimensional cord (we increase in click)


We arrange public facilities DVD

"Channel Sakura" poster

 When we do not join cable TV, you can see DVD in the following facilities other than the streaming mentioned above.
 We arrange DVD a week in Shizu library, Sakura south library.
 ※It reaches the library mentioned above within several days from the broadcast starting date at the latest.

 ▼Public halls
 We arrange DVD every other week in each public hall, Shizu community center, consumer service center (millennium center Sakura).
 ※It touches each facilities within several days from the broadcast starting date for the second week at the latest.

 ※About participation to cable TV and digital broadcasting in cable TV,
  Please refer to wide area high speed net 296 (telephone 0120-533-296).

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