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About Sakura Jo, 100 fine castle stamp rallies

[September 9, 2020]

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About Sakura Jo

  Sakura Jo is castle on a hill that castle was constructed between 1611 (Keicho 16), the following day and 1616 (Genna 2) in the Middle Ages when Kashima trunk paternal blood [island cause seed] which is the whole families of Chiba built in Kashimadai in the astronomy year (1532 through 1552) when is in the middle of the age of civil strife by Toshikatsu Doi enfeoffed as Sakura as model in 1610 (Keicho 15) in the early days in the Edo era. It is located on the plateau tip of around 30m above sea level that we pushed out westward in low land which Kashima River, Takasaki river flows through to Lake Inba, the west and the south to the north.
 Sakura Jo used such a geographical features skillfully and was constructed a castle and we built Mizubori, dried foss, fieldwork more and hardened defense and posted Samurai Houses and townspeople's houses to the east on the connected plateau and did with castle town.
 The inside of a castle became main enclosure, the outworks of a castle, outermost outworks which made the center of Jo from gay quarters where allotment of a home site of vassal was accomplished. It is reflected on sign of large main enclosure via trace of Ote-mon Gate (the pursuer gate), three gates, two gates, one gate. There is pleasure boat in main enclosure and the outworks of a castle, of politics of Sakura feudal clan fulfilled a central function. Other buildings included the castle tower, copper oar, corner oar in main enclosure.

 Hereditary daimyo was blockaded from generation to generation as the ground of strategic point that kept the Edo era afterward and tended to be moved to Sakura when important post of the Shogunate was accompanied. Nine people become member of the Shogun's Council of Elders among the each generation lord of a castle, and the number is the most in feudal clans of the whole country. The Hottas accounted for half or more periods among the each generation lord of a castle.
 As Sakura Jo was dismantled when it is the Meiji era, and regiment is set up, building in Jo does not remain at all other than small gate with a gable roof in Nishide circle. However, west plateau is saved well as historic spot of city by major Chief Abbot of the Honganji Temple and can remember the topography of Jo of the past. Therefore, is chosen in Chiba by the only Japan's Top 100 Castles.

 In freedom open space (the neighbor of Sakura east High School) equal to the east end of Jo, there is Ruins of Sakura Castle Park center where excavated remains are displayed from old photograph and model, the inside of a castle of Jo taken early in the Meiji era.



The ruins of Sakura-jo Castle (horse soup stock dried foss)

Ruins of Sakura Castle Park control center (castle-like building)

About Sakura Jo stamp rally (100 fine castle stamps)

 100 fine castle stamps can seal in Ruins of Sakura Castle Park center.

 ※We are affected by new coronavirus infection spread and will remove ink pad of museum shop in national history folk museum for the time being.

   As ink pad of Ruins of Sakura Castle Park center sets up sequentially, please use that one.

◆About Ruins of Sakura Castle Park center

 Control center is castle-like building which is near the entrance of freedom open space (with (Kunitachi history folk museum at the east end of Ruins of Sakura Castle Park other side), the west side of Sakura east High School). Stamp is installed in ink pad in front of in building and entrance.

 Opening time from April to October from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from November to March from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

        ※We are closed for from 1 to 3 on January

        ※There are 100 fine castle stamps inside and outside the building and can seal for 365 days, 24 hours 

  • From history folk museum parking lot as a 10-minute walk.
  • From Keisei-Sakura Station as a 20-minute walk.
  • It takes approximately 25 minutes on foot from JR Sakura Station.

About position of Ruins of Sakura Castle Park control center (Ruins of Sakura Castle Park center)

When control center closes, please use a certain stamp in the post.

Ink pad in the ruins of a castle Parks center building

Outdoor ink pad (available 365 days 24 hours)

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