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Tsukamoto Museum

[February 23, 2018]

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Tanuki original country (dodanukimasakuni)

In Tsukamoto Museum, we hold "center on masterpiece which reached the fine sword exhibition - daimyos on the New Year".
As for the big things and small things transmitted in Yoshinobu Tokugawa the Inabas who it is family into which she married of the big things and small things and Kasuga station of wearing, and is connecting by corridor with the Sakura feudal clan Hottas which are the last general, it is the first exhibition since Tsukamoto art museum establishment.
In addition, we display sequentially because there are many requests of visit as for "Tanuki original country" (dodanukimasakuni) and "Kiyomitsu Kashu" (Kiyomitsu learning). (until ... Saturday, March 24)

On Saturday, March 10, we are opened by cooperation with "archery, katanajutsuembukai of samurai family" held with Sakura Castle ruins Parks main enclosure trace (we open with window) temporarily.

Facilities summary

Photograph of Tsukamoto Museum

 Tsukamoto Museum is unique art museum displaying only swords.

 We were established based on businessman of Sakura native place, collection of late Tsukamoto Motoyama. From 400 points of sword blades, holding of 250 points of sheaths, we display by approximately 20 points every three months.

Facility information

The Tsukamoto Museum

The location: 1-4, Urashinmachi, Sakura-shi

Opening time: It is 4:00 p.m. from 10:00 a.m.
Closed day: Saturday, Sunday Sunday and Monday Sundays and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays ※Third Saturday is excluded

Admission charges: Free of charge

Traffic :Keisei-Sakura Station drop off walk approximately ten minutes, JR Sakura Station drop off walk approximately 20 minutes
Parking lot: Free of charge



Tsukamoto Museum telephone: 043-486-7097

※Please refer to Tsukamoto Museum for display contents directly.

[industrial Fisheries Promotion Department] Industry Promotion Section

Telephone: 043-484-6146 fax: 043-484-5061


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