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[Sakura Samurai Houses] (Kawara’s house, Tajima’s house, Takei’s house)

[May 26, 2020]

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Request for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread

We assumed closing for the time being, but are opened on Tuesday, June 2 until now.

When you visit, please visit notice matter of this page after reading well.

I would like understanding to prevention of new coronavirus infection spread and cooperation.

Sakura Samurai Houses guidance

Photograph of Kawara’s house

Sakura Samurai Houses summary

  • Facing fieldwork and the street of hedge leaving feature of castle town Sakura in now, "Kawara’s house" (Chiba designated cultural assets), "Tajima’s house" (Sakura City designated cultural assets), three Samurai Houses of "Takei’s house" are released now.
  • Sakura clansman lived on architecture that was in the latter half of the Edo era with three.
  • Kawara’s house is considered that it is the oldest in samurai family house left in the city, and displayed furniture can have a glimpse of lifestyle of samurai of Sakura.
  • Tajima’s house is Samurai Houses built in current place from those days, and visit, break in building is possible.
  • Display of Samurai Houses-related material excavated with removing and rebuilding is seen in Takei’s house.
  • We perform showcase five times a year and we enter building of Kawara’s house and can observe. Is usually empty outside building; is released. 

About exhibition of Samurai Houses

Opening time

  • From 9:00 to 17:00 (as for the admission until 16:30)

Closed day

  • On Monday (in the case of holiday Tuesday, the following day)
  • New Year holidays (from December 28 to January 4)

Admission charges

Sakura Samurai Houses admission charges
Only as for the Samurai HousesAdmission ticket common throughout three halls
DivisionIndividualGroup (more than 20 people)IndividualGroup (more than 20 people)
The public210 yen150 yen540 yen370 yen
Student100 yen70 yen270 yen190 yen
  • On Sundays and holidays, primary and secondary student is free on Saturday.
  • Please show having disability certificate at window. It becomes admission charges for free to one attendant.
  • Admission ticket common throughout three halls is advantageous admission ticket that can observe 3 building of Samurai Houses, Former Residence of Lord Hotta, Sakura Juntendo Memorial Building with one piece.
  • On the day limit is effective, and admission ticket common throughout three halls can enter each one time of one hall.
  • We sell admission ticket common throughout three halls in Samurai Houses, Former Residence of Lord Hotta, Sakura Juntendo Memorial Building.


Map, traffic access


  • 57, Miyakoujimachi, Sakura-shi

Phone number

  • 043-486-2947


  • Guide map from Miyakojimachi (bus stop)


  • Getting off at JR Sakura Station   → About 15 minutes on foot or Keiseisakura, Tamachi garage area line bus "Miyakojimachi" drop off walk about five minutes
  • Getting off at Keisei-Sakura Station →   About 20 minutes on foot or JR Sakura Station area line bus "Miyakojimachi" drop off walk about five minutes

Parking lot

  • Ten normal cars
  • Large car cannot penetrate to street with Samurai Houses.

     Large car, please use open space free to do municipal parking lot in front of Sakura City Museum of Art or Ruins of Sakura Castle Park.    

Photograph of Tajima’s house

Tajima’s house


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Armor try-on society, flower calendar

  • We carry out armor try-on party every year on May 5. Try-on charges for free (separately admission)
  • Please confirm at their best flower in this (floral calendar of Samurai Houses) now.
  • Samurai Houses has various trees and flowers. In this page, we introduce plant of the four seasons.
  • Please refer to this for use of shooting in cultural assets facilities.
  • When there is taking picture of location or drama, we may cause customer of visit trouble. We would appreciate your understanding.
  • When volunteer guide (free) is hoped for, please use this receptionist vote.   


Photograph of the Takeis house

Takei’s house

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[Sakura Samurai Houses] (Kawara’s house, Tajima’s house, Takei’s house)

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