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  • If new coronavirus cost, or think the cause to be, at first, consultation
  • The mayor message
  • Mask relay
  • hottosumairu Sakura
New coronavirus related information
Infected person information
New coronavirus infected person information (August 6 update)
About new coronavirus infection of child (August 6 update)
About infection of the staff of a school (August 4 update)
About temporary lounge of After school care program (August 6 update)
About mass outbreak in karaoke shop in the city (August 4 update)
About infection of the hall staff of Sakura old people and children (July 31 update)

Cooperation request from Chiba
From Chiba to all of you ask (July 5)
Cooperation request (July 10) from Chiba
About Tokyo and 3 prefectures combination message (July 17)
From Chiba to all of you holding event ask (July 27)
Cooperation request (July 30) from Chiba
Cooperation request (August 4) for prevention of infection spread from Chiba

Support information
About special Supplementary Income Payment (July 30 update)
Approach, support information (August 6 update) of Sakura City
We thank you for warm support (August 4 update)

School, nursery school, public facilities, information dispatch
Information (July 10 update) such as school, nursery school
Information (July 31 update) such as public facilities, event
New coronavirus related information dispatch, link
Common inquiry about new coronavirus infectious disease

We look for in scene

  • Child care
  • Education
  • Payment, the furtherance
  • Marriage/divorce
  • Move/house
  • Finding employment/resignation
  • Advanced age, nursing care
  • Condolences

We look for in the field

  • Notification/Certification
  • Tax/Pension/Insurance
  • Houses/Living
  • Garbage, pet
  • Medical care/Health
  • Welfare
  • Childcare/Education
  • Consultation

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The topics end

 In this site, yell and each other from Sakura goodwill ambassador to citizen's everybody share forward feeling and it "can become smile" "to be able to be relieved" that they can encourage each other and sends information.  I am receiving message video from Yoko Oginome now. Check it out!

August event calendar

August event calendar
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Social movement information collection of links

Sakura City charm dispatch site "sakuraiku"

Sakura flower festival

Sakura City community bus

Public information paper digital distribution

Video newsletter from Sakura City

Over Sakura

Sakura Film Commission

Sakura City Museum of Art

Sakura citizen music hall

Sakura grass bueno hill

Bicycle parking lot

Kids page sakuratchi

Sakura citizen gymnasium, Sakura City young people gymnasium

Iwana Sports Park

The young people counselor contact meeting

Civic cooperation of labor & social movement

Sakura City action for marriage support meeting

Comprehensive plan

Advertisement offer

  • Free job offer site Kinwork (kinwaku)
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  • Advertisement wanted

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